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Finance and Insurance Consultants

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Bidvest Insurance Products

We offer a host of value added products promoting 'Peace of Mind' motoring.

My Warranty

There's nothing more exciting than driving your newly purchased car off the show room floor. If only it could always be that perfect, but unfortunately breakdowns do happen and often when they're least convenient for you or your budget.

Auto Settlement / Life Elite

We understand how important it is for you to have peace of mind with your vehicle purchase. That's why Auto Settlement ensures unforeseen circumstances such as accident, illness, retrenchment, sequestration/liquidation or death do not result in you or your loved ones losing the use of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments, so protecting it against unexpected circumstances is important. Just one call gets you up to 16 comparative quotations from most major insurers, covering your vehicle against theft, hijacking and the cost of accident repairs.

Shortfall Protection

An accident or theft involving your vehicle will all too often result in some sort of financial loss, even when your vehicle is comprehensively insured there are usually outstanding amounts that need to be paid.

The Shortfall Protection insurance is probably the most advanced protection product available and is designed to protect you in a number of ways against unforeseen losses.


Unfortunately, the day to day scrapes, scratches, chips and dents of everyday driving can be both expensive and annoying. Likewise, the interior of your car is also prone to tears, scratches and scuffs to items such as your dashboard, door handles, centre console, door panels etc. Seat fabric and stitching often becomes damaged and cigarette burns easily lower the value of your vehicle. Both exterior and interior damage can significantly affect your vehicles resale value. Now, with valuable protection from Bidvest Insurance you can keep your vehicle looking as perfect as the day you first bought it.


Even if you're a careful driver, your vehicle's tyres and rims are exposed to countless hazards every time you're on the road. That means no matter how well you drive, you're likely to experience some sort of damage to your tyres and rims. Thankfully, avoiding unexpected and expensive repair bills is easy with protection from Tyreguard – a simple insurance policy that covers your tyres and rims fitted to your vehicle for 2 years with no kilometre restrictions.

Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance Plan is designed to provide you with the complete peace of mind relating to all aspects of your vehicles maintenance and servicing by protecting you against unexpected repair bills and servicing costs.

Theftbuster Plus

Did you know in South Africa a vehicle is stolen approximately every 4 minutes and that smash & grab incidents are increasing year on year?....... more importantly have you asked yourself what would happen if the next vehicle targeted was yours? Theftbuster Plus helps get you & your loved ones back on your feet by taking care of those annoying expenses when things go wrong.


In today's world of modern cars, vehicle keys are a lot more expensive than you might think and losing them can end up costing you thousands of rands. Did you know that if you lost your vehicle key and don't have a spare, it could easily cost over R20,000 to replace the vehicle lock set? Keyguard is here to help.

Service Plan

We understand how important it is to service your vehicle. That’s why we've developed the McCarthy Service Plan to help you plan and save on future servicing costs.

Service Plan Booster

At McCarthy we understand how important it is to regularly service your vehicle and also how unplanned service costs can be frustrating. That’s why we've developed the McCarthy Service Plan to help you plan and save on future servicing costs.



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