I have no previous experience in bidding, any tips of how I should start?

Firstly, we invite you to attend an auction as an observer.  This will enable you to familiarise yourself with the process.  You can then also ask our knowledgeable and friendly staff to explain any aspect which remains unclear.  Another useful tip to remember is to always decide what vehicle you want to buy and what price range you would like to spend before you participate in your first auction.

How do I bid?

The auctioneer will guide the bidding by indicating what price he is looking for. For instance, he will say: “I have R5000. Do I see R5500?” All you are required to do as a bidder is to raise your hand. If the price goes beyond what you are prepared to pay, stop putting up your hand.

Can I obtain help in bidding?

With our knowledgeable and friendly staff roaming the facility, you are welcome to ask for guidance during the bidding process.

May I test drive the vehicle before I bid at the auction?

Unfortunately not. You can, however, go in a day before and inspect the vehicle and start the engine.

How do I know the vehicle is not stolen or that it is not still on an HP or lease agreement?

Burchmore’s puts every vehicle through a rigorous verification process to ensure that every vehicle we sell on auction is unencumbered. Once this process is complete, Burchmore’s guarantees free title to the buyer.

Is VAT payable on auction units?

Yes. Please take note that VAT is added to the final bid price. 

How do I know which vehicles are on auction?

We have catalogues showcasing all the vehicles on auction available at least one day prior to every auction. You can also access the list of vehicles on auction through our online portal.

Can I finance an auction vehicle?

Yes. We offer our valued clients the opportunity to finance the vehicles through all of the major South African Banks.

What happens to my R5000 registration fee?

Your R5000 registration fee is deducted from the price of the vehicle that you purchased on auction.  If, however, you weren't lucky enough to get the vehicle of your choice within the budget you had in mind, you can simply go to the registration office and they will refund it to you in full so that you can rather use it next time. 

Do I have to register to attend an auction?

No, it is not compulsory that you register to attend one of our auctions.  You are welcome to attend as a spectator and observe the process first.  Once you want to start participating in the auctions, then we ask that you complete the registration process for us.  

How do i know if i qualify for finance?

You need to be permanently employed, earn R 6000.00 or more a month and have a valid driver's licence  - To complete the application form, Click here

How do i find out what my monthly payments are before i bid on a vehicle? 

Contact our on-site Business Manager - Leatitia Jansen van Rensburg  and she will gladly assist

Having pre-approved finance is like shopping with a cheque in your back pocket. You'll find it easier to decide which car to buy if you know upfront how much finance you qualify for.

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