About Us

With over nine decades of experience in bringing vehicle-sellers and vehicle buyers together, BURCHMORE'S have evolved into the biggest vehicle remarketing company in South Africa.

Our reputation as industry leaders is based on the fact that we auction an average of 15 000 vehicles every year. Our parent brand McCarthy, offer you specialised in-house finance and insurance products and are constantly improving your experience through our focus on innovation.

BURCHMORE'S drive-through auctions facility is a testament to this focus on innovation to improve customer experience. As a “first in vehicle auctioning”, the drive-through facility means that you do not only get to see the vehicle while it is parked in the line-up, but rather that you get to view the vehicle from different angles and listen to the running engine as the vehicle drives through the facility. The drive through speeds up the vehicle auctioning process for your convenience and also affords you greater peace of mind.

We offer a range of affordable vehicles and urge you to come in and see the whole process in action!


About SAIA

'SAIA looking after the interests of Auctioneers and their Customers in South Africa'
The South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) is a voluntary body that represents the auctioneering industry in South Africa.
The organisation was established to provide a set of standards which its members would adhere to in order to promote the ethical and professional practice of auctioneering as a profession.

Members of the organisation vary from large corporates to smaller businesses. No matter the size of the company, by becoming a member of SAIA, auctioneering houses display their commitment to offering a professional service to both Sellers and Buyers.

SAIA members are compelled to meet legal requirements by belonging to the Estate Agency Affairs Board if they sell property. They also contribute towards a Fidelity Fund that offers financial protection for the public who are involved in selling or buying movable goods at auction.